Short Term Certificate Programmes

Vananchal Vidhyalayeen Shiksha Parisad offers a wide range of Short Term Certificate Programmes. The course duration ranges from 1 month to 4 months. The eligibility criteria for the courses start from 10th pass.

The various certificate courses aim to augment the practical and theoretical knowledge of trainees and help them to opt for employment/self-employment.

SI. Course Eligibility Duration
1 Certificate Course in Computer Programming 10th Pass 4 Months
2 Certificate Course in RDBMS Technology(CCRDBMS) 10th Pass 4 Months
3 Certificate Course in Oracle & Developer 2000(CCORACLE) 10th Pass 3 Months
4 Certificate Course in Visual Basic (CCVB) 10th Pass 2 Months
5 Certificate Course in HTML & Web Page Design 10th Pass 2 Months
6 Certificate Course in Visual C++ & OOPs (CCVCP) 10th Pass 3 Months
7 Certificate Course in Visual Fox Pro (CCVFP) 10th Pass 2 Months
8 Certificate Course in Windows (CC WIN) 10th Pass 1 Months
9 Certificate Course in MS-OFFICE (CC MSO) 10th Pass 2 Months
10 Certificate Course in Unix Operating System 10th Pass 2 Months
11 Certificate Course in MS-Word 10th Pass 1 Months
12 Certificate Course in Power Point (CCPP) 10th Pass 1 Months
13 Certificate Course in MS-Access (CC ACCESS) 10th Pass 1 Months
14 Certificate Course in MS-Excel (CC EXCEL) 10th Pass 1 Months
15 Certificate Course in Client Server Technology(CCCST) 10th Pass 4 Months
16 Certificate Course in Oracle DBA (CCODBA) 10th Pass 4 Months
17 Certificate Course in FoxPro (CCFOXPRO) 10th Pass 2 Months
18 Certificate Course in Fox Base (CCFOXB) 10th Pass 2 Months
19 Certificate Course in Pascal Programming 10th Pass 2 Months
20 Certificate Course in Basic Programming 10th Pass 2 Months
21 Certificate Course C Programming 10th Pass 2 Months
22 Certificate Course COBOL Programming(CCOBOL) 10th Pass 3 Months
23 Certificate Course in Internet 10th Pass 1 Months
24 Certificate Course in Multimedia 10th Pass 2 Months
25 Certificate Course in Computerized Fashion Designing (CCCFD) 10th Pass 4 Months
26 Certificate Course in Linux 10th Pass 4 Months
27 Certificate Course in Visual Fox Pro 10th Pass 2 Months
28 Certificate Course in Data Structure with C++ (CCDSC) 10th Pass 2 Months
29 Certificate Course in Scanner & Printer Maintenance (CCSPM) 10th Pass 2 Months
30 Certificate Course in Monitor & SMPS Repairing (CCMSMPS) 10th Pass 2 Months
31 Certificate Course in UPS & CVT Maintenance (CCUPSCVT) 10th Pass 1 Months
32 Certificate Course in Network System Administration (CCNSA) 10th Pass 4 Months
33 Certificate Course in Food Processing (CCFP) 10th Pass 3 Months

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